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Project #336 (Construction -- must be licensed)

Hello. My name is Kerri Torres and I am in need of serious help. a few years ago my aunt passed away...

Project #335 (Plumbing (Minor))

The floor under my toilet need's to be replaced .I have a piece of wood & screw's and floor panel's ...

Project #334 (Heating/Air Conditioning -- must be licensed)

Carol is a disabled senior living without air or heat. The compressor has gone out on her unit and ...

Project #333 (Construction -- must be licensed)

Marilyn is a disabled senior living in a home that has foundation problems. She is looking for some...

Project #332 (Home Improvement)

Carol is a disabled senior citizen. She was injured in an accident many years ago and now, with bon...

Project #331 (Plumbing (Minor))

Marilyn is a disabled senior citizen. She needs help fixing a leak in her bathtub. She helps take ...

Projects Needing Funding

Project #136 (Fundraiser)

CrossRoads would like to purchase gas cards to help people in need get to work, to the doctor, the g...


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