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Recently Posted Projects

Project #287 (Other)

The family is unable to obtain gravel and has a long drive. The drive is currently in bad condition...

Project #286 (Wheelchair Ramp)

Rita is a 79-year old disabled senior. She is using a very dangerous wheelchair ramp at her home and...

Project #284 (Cleaning)

Marilyn is a senior citizen who is wheelchair bound. She is in need of help cleaning her apartment ...

Project #283 (Home Improvement)

Lila is a disabled senior citizen who has custody of her young granddaughter. Someone donated lamin...

Project #281 (Auto Repair)

Robert is a 76-year-old who is unable to get his car started. He has a '97 Chevy Suburban with an e...

Project #277 (Construction -- must be licensed)

buying a house on contract the floors need to be jacked up it needs a new roof because its caving in...

Projects Needing Funding

Project #136 (Fundraiser)

CrossRoads would like to purchase gas cards to help people in need get to work, to the doctor, the g...


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