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Recently Posted Projects

Project #322 (Yard Work)

Mary is an 80-year-old senior who needs help with her lawn.

Project #319 (Interior Painting)

Patty is disabled and living alone. Her home is in disrepair and she is asking for help patching and...

Project #317 (Home Improvement)

Mary Ann is a widow who has a leak in the roof of her shed.

Project #316 (Roofing -- must be licensed)

Eula is a senior with a leak on the flat portion of her roof. With the recent heavy-winded storms, ...

Project #315 (Just Need A Helping Hand)

Jim is disabled and has been given 6-8 months to live. He is in need of someone to help him with ha...

Project #314 (Yard Work)

Need help with leveling out ground to plant grass.

Projects Needing Funding

Project #136 (Fundraiser)

CrossRoads would like to purchase gas cards to help people in need get to work, to the doctor, the g...


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