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Helping her get home

Neighbor2Neighbor recently received a telephone call from a local nursing home asking for assistance for one of their patients.  Velma, an 85-year-old disabled senior, was to be released in 2 weeks, but was not allowed to go home until she had a whee...

Jumping for Joy!

At the end of November, a group of men and their sons from a City-Wide Bible Study group that meets at Bridge Pointe Church, completed two Neighbor2Neighbor projects! They cleaned the gutters and did yard work  for Jean, an 84-year-old widow. They al...

Everyone needs a helping hand now & then

In November, a life group from Bellevue Baptist came out to help Zuetta, a disabled senior citizen who has had 2 strokes and recent back surgery.  The group painted her front porch, cleaned the gutters, and also cleaned up her lawn. Zuetta was so mov...

Featured Projects

Project #518: Home maintenance

New ceiling panels in the kitchen. A plumbing leak caused damage. Drywall on upstairs bedroom. Plumbing and heating system checked out. Light hauling away.

Project #517

need flooring put down

Project #516: Kari Miller and Brother

Ms. Miller is the legal guardian of her brother, who is disabled. She needs help, if possible, to make repairs to her home including: Roof Windows Carpet Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Project #478: Build a ramp out of my back door after removing the steps

The steps to my back door, I think, are like steps for a trailer. These would need to be removed, then the ramp built. I can pay for materials and make a donation.

Project #476: Ramp

Ms Jones is in need of a ramp built